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Ramya P.
Chicago, IL
Reviewed on: 8/15/2011
@ Niles, IL

The winner of "the best lentil curry ever" award!

Since I'm an Indian and have eaten Indian food all my life, my goal was to order as much Nepalese dishes I could eat. So instead of going for the standard Indian buffet I ordered a-la carte. The lassi was tart and sweet but just like the one you would find in any Indian restaurant. The momos were steamed with the perfect veggie stuffing with the dough wrap not too leathery served with a hot sauce almost like a version of Sriracha. Aahhh... It took me back to my college days when I would save up money to eat momos once a week. We also got the assorted appetizer plate that included deep fried paneer chilli, pakora and samosa... all of which were TOO oily. There were 3 veggie options in the 'Nepalese' category and we tried all 3. The lentil curry was the one that stood out. Its the most typical Indian staple food item and to see it made perfectly just made my day. The cauliflower dish was good and the potato with green beans were average. We also got the veggie biryani with raita that was prepared very well. Considering that all of the tables were packed, the service did seem a little flustered but they did a good job accommodating our huge party of 12.

Phil J.
Chicago, IL
Reviewed on: 10/31/2010
Niles, IL

They give you glasses of water with no ice in them. In some regions of the world this may considered normal...I myself prefer ice.

They give you some cracker-esque appetizer with 3 dipping sauces... I forgot what it's called... I didn't like that the cracker/wafer thingy felt like it was getting stuck in my teeth. I did like 2 of the 3 dipping sauces...the green & black ones...the last sauce put me off.

Some people come here for the buffet... ...I come here for the Chicken Tikka Masala. IT'S ALL ABOUT THEIR SAUCE. You can try ordering this dish from other places but it won't be the same. Chicken chunks cooked in a tandoor oven and then coated in this magical gravy sauce...which can be ordered "Mild", "Hot", or...

Waiter: "How spicy?"
Me: "I'd like it hot."
Waiter: "How hot? Hot...or very hot?"
Me: "Very hot."
Waiter: "Are you sure? It might be too hot."
Me: "Yeah that's fine, make it very hot.
" Waiter: "For some, it's too hot...They-"
Me: "-I'm sure."
Waiter: "Okay."

I must have eaten here a dozen times and received the same speech. Was it very hot? Yes. Sometimes I order it mild. The portion may look small but it is definitely enough for 2, especially with the bread. I eat it with Naan bread and cool it off with a side of Kheera Raita, which is some combo of cucumber & yogurt. I wash it down with a cool Mango shake, not be confused with Mango Lassi...which is made with yogurt. My only complaint is that the shakes don't come in a bigger size. I usually order the shake with no ice just so I can get more shake.

Their lunch buffet is also tasty and priced very fairly. The ambiance feels very formal. The service is good.

Shivani G.
Brookline, MA
Reviewed on: 10/19/2009
Niles, IL
Himalayan sits unobtrusively in a Chicagoland strip mall but offers a yummy buffet that boasts both variety and inventiveness. My family happened to stumble upon it on Father's Day. We were greeted with an extensive buffet offering dishes from all corners of the India cuisine spectrum. The staff was friendly and made the atmosphere accommodating and welcoming even with its thick and steady beeline to the buffet.

Visit this hidden gem and you won't be disappointed
Nessie V.
Oak Park, IL
Reviewed on: 9/4/2009
Niles, IL
What a find! Was shopping for furniture, and smelled Indian food. It was past lunchtime, and I was starving. So we stop in.

The buffet is HUGE, and atleast 1/2 of it is all veg. They had a lot of things i've never seen before. Something with bamboo shoots that was excellent, and a curry with coconut milk that was real sweet. This place should really be closer to the city. Actually it should be in my kitchen. I still might take the trek out here, maybe if I combine it with a trip to the Japanese supermarket or something. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
Nicloe L.
Glendale Heights, IL
Reviewed on: 7/29/2009
Bloomingdate, IL
I can't say I F-ing love this place like one of the other reviewers, but that's just because I've come to the conclusion that Indian food just isn't my cup of tea.

That being said, the decor, cleanliness, service, and quality of food is superb. If Indian food is your thing, you should definitely check out this place. They have a lunch buffet every day for $8.95.
Alex N.
Chicago, IL
Reviewed on: 6/20/2009
Bloomingdale, IL
This rivals any Indian Buffet I have ever been to in respect to quality of food and value. I guess the variety could be a touch more expansive but I could only imagine more food in heaven.

The taste of some of the food in this place is ridiculously good. I could eat the Mutter Paneer for 4 meals a day and not get sick of it. I also loved the Chicken Makhani.
Morton Grove, IL
Reviewed on: 11/26/2009
Niles, IL
I have eaten here many times. Their lunch buffet is very fresh and changes often for a great variety of food. The service is very attentive; parking is a pleasure can’t say enough great things about this restaurant. Their dinner menu is also very tasty with a large selection of food choices. This restaurant gives Devon Avenue a run for its money without the parking challenges.
Reviewed on: 05/19/2009
Bloomingdale, IL
Not only are the staff at the Bloomingdale location friendly, but they treat you as if you're dining in their own home. My husband and I have been twice now - once for the lunch buffet, and once for dinner. The lunch buffet is only $9.00 and includes delicious tandoori chicken. The buffet selections are great as well. For dinner, one of the best "value meals" ever. As an appetizer, the server recommended their "Chicken Momo" which may have been the best steamed dumpling I've ever had. For main entrees, we decided on the "Non-Vegetarian Thali" for 2, which included a sizzling plate of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and lamb tikka, silver bowls of lamb curry and mutter paneer, rice, fresh naan, and a bowl of kheer to end the meal. All of this for $26.95. Not only is it a great deal, but it's also a very comforting and traditional way to eat Indian/Nepali food. Quite possibly one of the most friendly and hospitable restaurants we've been to in a while, and I would recommend to all!

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